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Unleash Your Team’s Potential Through Adrenaline-Fueled Adventure

At Commando Paintball, we consider shared experiences, challenges, and a little bit of adrenaline to be the foundation of real collaboration and friendship. Our Ottawa team-building activities are created with your team’s ability to grow, learn, and connect like never before in mind.


A paintball game’s heart-pounding intensity produces an adrenaline boost unlike any other. This burst of enthusiasm and energy inspires team members to go beyond their comfort zones, embrace their competitive nature, and collaborate effectively. The foundation of any successful team is also efficient communication. Teams must rely on effective and clear communication to plan motions, develop strategies, and accomplish their goals during a paintball war. Your staff will immediately understand the value of listening, communicating clearly, and adjusting to fast-changing circumstances.

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Organizing a Team Building Paintball Game in Ottawa

Fostering Essential Qualities Through Intense Action

The foundations of a high-performing team are effective communication, strategic planning, and trust. At Commando Paintball, we’ve observed personally how our adrenaline-fueled experiences nurture these key attributes, helping teams to flourish in their professional efforts.

Active Listening: Playing paintball involves active listening. Members of the team must actively digest information about enemy positions, approaching dangers, and the goals of allies. This kind of attentive listening is essential and transfers well to the business.

Making Decisions Quickly: In paintball, making snap judgments based on accurate information might be the difference between winning and losing. These game-based decision-making abilities may be immediately adapted to high-pressure professional settings.

Relying on Teammates: You have to rely on your comrades in the midst of combat to protect you, provide you assistance, and keep an eye on you. These interactions naturally increase trust.

Team Collaboration: Successful paintball tactics require cooperation. Team members strategize, evaluate risks, and create tactics together. This cooperation and teamwork enhance overall group dynamics, which is advantageous to your team in any professional setting.

Organizing a Team Building Paintball Game in Ottawa

At Commando Paintball, we recognize that each team has specific goals and is as unique as its members. Because of this, we provide a wide choice of scalable packages and scenarios made to accommodate various group sizes and particular objectives. Whatever you’re searching for, we have an adventure that will meet all of your requirements.


Our traditional paintball experience offers intense action in a variety of playing settings. Engage in capture-the-flag battles, protect your base, and traverse through dense woods.


Low-impact paintball makes use of smaller paintballs and markers with less force, making it perfect for individuals who are new to paintball or want a more pleasant experience. All ages and fitness levels may participate, and it provides the same thrill with less impact.


Speedball is the best option if your squad thrives on quick action and decisions. Speedball is a team sport played on smaller, open grounds that need quick reactions and collaboration to win.

The finest team-building activities, in our opinion at Commando Paintball, are those that are specifically created to meet your particular needs. Your team can bond, plan, and communicate in the best setting possible with the help of our assortment of activities. Together, you and our helpful and knowledgeable staff will design a memorable team-building activity.

Are you prepared to immerse your team in a mission tailored to your precise group size and goals? Call Commando Paintball right away to discuss customizing a team-building activity that your group will never forget.


Paintball is great for team building! It’s a lively way to work on teamwork, communication, and leadership skills, all while having a blast and bringing your team closer together. Here are some key team skills that paintball can help build:

Boosts Team Collaboration: In paintball, players must unite to reach goals like seizing a flag or protecting a base. This unity inspires team members to work in sync, exchange ideas, and back each other up during the game.

Sharpens Communication Abilities: In the world of paintball, constant, effective communication is key. Teams must quickly share information, warn about potential hazards, and coordinate their actions. This setting is perfect for practicing direct and effective communication, a valuable skill for the workplace.

Fosters Leadership Skills: Paintball often reveals hidden leaders, demanding swift decisions, task allocation, and team motivation. It’s an opportunity for various team members to take charge, showcasing leadership talents that might not be visible in a normal office environment.

Stimulates Tactical Thinking: Players need to outsmart their opponents with strategic thinking. This includes making plans, adjusting to new circumstances, and rapid decision-making, enhancing problem-solving abilities and the capacity to handle pressure.

Strengthens Trust and Fellowship: Paintball is a great way to overcome barriers and foster trust within a team. Experiencing something both enjoyable and challenging together can deepen relationships, improve understanding of each other’s abilities and flaws, and create a sense of fellowship that enhances teamwork in the office.

Teaches Coping with Stress: Paintball’s fast pace and unpredictability mirror workplace stress. Engaging in such an environment equips individuals with skills to remain composed, think clearly, and perform effectively under stress.

Encourages Fitness and Wellbeing: Paintball is an active game that promotes physical movement, flexibility, and stamina. This focus on physical health can boost overall team spirit and personal well-being.

Provides Enjoyable and Novel Experiences: Most importantly, paintball is entertaining! It offers a distinctive break from the routine work setting, allowing team members to interact casually and informally. Enjoying such shared moments is a powerful way to bond, fostering a more involved and driven team.

Overall, paintball as a team-building activity offers a multifaceted approach to strengthening teams. It not only focuses on developing important workplace skills like communication, leadership, and strategic thinking, but it also nurtures trust, camaraderie, and overall team spirit in a fun and energetic setting.

Absolutely! We can design paintball games that focus on the skills or challenges you want to tackle in your team-building efforts. Some games you could play include: 

Capture the Flag: This classic game is great for encouraging strategy and teamwork. Teams must capture the opponent’s flag and bring it back to their base while protecting their own flag.

Elimination: In this straightforward game, the objective is to eliminate players from the opposing team. It’s great for fostering competition and sharpshooting skills.

King of the Hill: One team defends a specific area or object while the other team tries to take control of it. This game emphasizes strategic planning and leadership.

Rescue Mission: One team works to rescue a “hostage” held by the other team. This scenario enhances problem-solving, communication, and tactical skills.

Defend the Fort: Similar to King of the Hill, one team defends a structure while the other attempts to overtake it. It’s excellent for teaching defensive strategies and teamwork.

Treasure Hunt: Teams search for hidden objects or checkpoints within the play area. This game encourages exploration, strategy, and collaboration.

Medic: Teams have a designated “medic” who can “heal” players. This adds a layer of strategy, as teams must protect their medic while trying to eliminate the opposing team’s players.

For the best experience, teams of 5 to 10 people are ideal. This size helps ensure everyone gets involved and has a chance to bond.

Definitely! We can set up sessions after the game to chat about the experience and draw out lessons that can help improve your team’s dynamics.

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  • The refs at Commando are the best I’ve seen out of any field I’ve been to, they know their stuff, re-enforce the rules when they need to, they’re fun, and most of all they’re fair. Great employees are only made if you have great leaders. Dave and Marie are some of the nicest and funniest people I know, they do their very best to make sure that the fields are kept clean. 

    Josh S.
  • Even though I have only been going to Commando Paintball for 3 years now I feel like the place is home and people are family. My brother and I received Spyder MR5’s for Christmas 3 years ago and went to Commando to play with it shortly after and we were instantly hooked on the field and the players

  • Going to Commando I always have a smile on my face because I know its going to be a good day. Its my happy place because I know the people are excited to see me and I’m excited to see them but most of all, we know we’re going to have a good time. The members at the field are some of the friendliest people. They like to have a good time and when they see new players they make sure to help them out.