Tippmann Challenge D-Day

June 12, 2017

Statement from Marie Longtin and David Pitts of Commando Paintball in Ottawa, Canada.

On June 11, 2017 at our annual Tippmann Challenge game, the unthinkable happened. It was determined that a player was using marbles rather than paintballs. In the interest of player safety and to avoid further injury, the game was immediately halted and every player searched. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate the culprit.

Commando Paintball and its staff members do not take this kind of situation lightly. We are a family-oriented and family-operated business and the well-being and safety of our players is our top priority.

Fortunately, there were no serious injuries. One player was hit in the chest and was encouraged to get an X-ray to rule out a cracked rib and another was hit in the shoulder. No other injuries were brought to our attention. Priority One First Aid Services were onsite during the event and can be contacted directly to confirm the extent of the injuries. https://www.priorityonefas.com/

Make no mistake, when you use a paintball marker as a weapon with the intent to harm, it is considered a weapon and you will be charged criminally! In addition, it makes you an absolute horrible person with no regards for player safety or the extreme amount of work that goes into an event of this size. Going forward, we will be taking extra precautions before and during the game to avoid reoccurrence of such event. We will also have a police presence onsite.

Finally, all videos and photos will be closely scrutinized and the marbles in question are currently being analyzed. We will be offering a reward of $1,500 to anyone that can provide any information that will identify this player.

Thank you

We are pleased to announce that Commando Action Centre is hosting the annual Tippmann D-Day Challenge on Sunday, June 9, 2019.

Registration Cost:

$30 entry - Early Bird Price (Until May 9th)
$40 entry - Regular Price (After May 9th)

(2000) balls: $85 (Just $75 Until May 9th)
(1000) balls: $45
(500) balls: $25

Registration is now open for one of the biggest paintball events in North America!

A portion of the proceeds goes to the Military Families Fund.


Special Guests

Callista Moseley
Callista Moseley
David Justin Reaper
David Justin Reaper

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