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Tippmann Challenge D-Day

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10th Anniversary Tippmann Challenge D-Day 2022

June 3-5, 2022

It is hard to believe that we started this little game 10 years ago and have grown to the largest paintball game in Canada.  Keeping with tradition, we will be bringing some changes to the game to keep it fresh and exciting for the players.

We are very pleased to announce that Tim Cordick (Tango 49) will be the General for Allies and Callista Moseley (LA, California) will be the General for the Axis team.  With registration, you can choose your team and purchase a special 10th anniversary commemorative arm band(s).

Jonathan Glasgow and Robert “Firefly” Rivera of FireGlass Productions LLC will be running the scenario and Dragon’s Breath Pyro will be providing all the booms.

A portion of the proceeds will be going to Support Our Troops (formerly known as Military Families Fund and Soldier On).   To date, over $15,000 dollars have been donated.

Camping and parking are always free and plentiful!

Dave and I are looking forward to seeing everyone again and welcoming new players to our field.

Registration Cost:
$35 entry - Early Bird Price (Until April 15th) [approx. $27 USD]
$45 entry - Regular Price (After April 15th) [approx. $35 USD]

2000 balls: $90 [approx. $69 USD] — $80  [approx. $61 USD]

Commemorative Arm Band:
Red (AXIS Team): $5
Yellow (ALLIED Team): $5

Rental Equipment: $10

Storm the Beach Event Commando Paintball
Storm the Beach Event Commando Paintball

Special Guests

Callista Moseley
Callista Moseley
David Justin Reaper
David Justin Reaper

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