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Bazooka Ball™ ball is a high intensity game that provides good, clean fun for the entire family! It is a completely safe children paintball alternative and tons of fun. Bazooka ball uses a traditional paintball marker with a modified barrel and low impact soft balls instead of paintballs, so there’s no need to worried about messy paint to wash off of clothing, or ugly bruises and welts showing up.

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Are you looking for the thrill of paintball without the mess, bruises and welts? Maybe your children told you they want to get into paintball but you’re not sure where to start. Then Bazooka Ball™ is the perfect childrens paintball alternative for you! The low impact soft balls that are used are great for introducing anyone to to sport of paintball. They hurt much less when getting hit by one, and don’t leave the messy paint splatters behind. All that’s left is the fun! Bazooka Ball™ is perfect for children 10 and up who want to start playing paintball, and adults who want to join in on the fun without getting covered in paint! Click the button below to book your game of Bazooka Ball™ today!

Commando Action Centre Bazooka Ball


Commando Action Centre Bazooka Ball

Ottawa Bazooka Ball is a competitive team sport. Make two teams, then plot your strategy for dominance.

Enter the paintball field and experience the adrenaline rush of this low impact paintball alternative. Out in the paintball field, your team collectively gathers points for every hit depending on your chosen game. Feel the rush of adrenaline and fun as opponents put the pressure on you. Aim, shoot, dodge, laugh and be entertained. This exhilarating activity will be a fun experience to remember for a very long time.

Ottawa Bazooka Ball is the future of leisure entertainment with all the excitement of combat gaming and the thrill of an action movie! Experience Commando Paintball’s premier paintball alternative for children with Bazooka Ball in Ottawa & Kanata.






All Packages Include

icon2 hours in a private area
iconModified paintball markers
iconProtective eyewear

Welcome To Our Ottawa Paintball Fields!

Commando Paintball Ottawa offers a wide variety of paintball fields for paintball and Bazooka Ball. Browse through our various paintball fields to see which setting suits your needs best!

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Bazooka Ball involves Air Cannons that launch low-impact soft foam balls at opponents. The goal is to tag players on the other team with these foam balls in a variety of games.

At Commando Paintball, bazooka Ball is elevated to a whole new level because our combat zone offers lots of room to run and obstacles to hide behind.

No. Bazooka ball doesn’t hurt. Since it is low impact, the balls and made of foam and are super lightweight.

The guns are pretty accurate, and it doesn’t hurt at all! Bazooka ball gives the exciting entertainment of paintballs without any of the impact.  This is a good option for those who want to try out of one of our many games. Bazooka ball allows you to enjoy paintball in this new action-packed variety at Commando Paintball.

Bazooka ball can be played In a variety of fun ways

The most popular is the deathmatch with players in 2 teams. Every player struck with a bazooka ball eliminated. The team with the last man standing wins.

It can also be played in 2 teams in a capture the flag format. The team that capture the flag in the middle of the field without getting hit wins.

Bazooka ball can also be played as a zombies v humans game. One or two players are designated as zombies that can only be eliminated with a  headshot. If a human gets hit then they become a zombie. The game ends with humans winning when all zombies have been eliminated or with zombies winning when they are no humans left.

There are variety of other games to be played during bazooka ball such as medic, freeze, hot potato etc.

What you need for a game of bazooka ball is light clothing since bazooka balls are soft foam balls 2 inches in diameter. They are low impact and won’t leave any marks on the skin on impact or hurt you. We recommend a pair of running shoes, a t shirt and shorts. You will be provided with modified paintball markers and protective eyewear.


Note: You need to bring your own shoes to use while playing the game. It is advised to bring clean shoes for the trip home.

We are currently open by reservation only and are NOT accepting players that are walking on without a valid reservation.  You must have a reservation in order to rent equipment. There is no minimum amount of players to make a reservation on a weekend.  Please call 613-835-1729 or visit in order to book.

In order to make a reservation, we require the name of the organizer, a phone number and the number of players. When closer to the date of the booking, we require a valid credit card number. We do not use the card and everyone pays separately at the field on the date of the game, however, the organizer has 48 hours to cancel the whole group. The organizer is not responsible for no-shows. If no one calls to cancel the group and no one shows up from the group, we charge the card a $20 per player penalty. If you do not have a credit card, we require a $20 deposit per player in advance to hold the reservation.

With the exception of walk-on days, which open at 10:00 a.m., we are very group driven, so we do not have set open and close times. We open when the first group is booked in and close when the groups are done or when it gets dark, whatever comes first. If you are walking in, we recommend you do not come out any later than 2:00 p.m. as a start time, as we cannot run with less than 10 players.

This means you are not subject to mingling and your group will be moved around from field to field and there will be no outside players allowed in your group. If a group wants to be private, there is a privacy fee of $150 to be paid in advance

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  • The refs at Commando are the best I’ve seen out of any field I’ve been to, they know their stuff, re-enforce the rules when they need to, they’re fun, and most of all they’re fair. Great employees are only made if you have great leaders. Dave and Marie are some of the nicest and funniest people I know, they do their very best to make sure that the fields are kept clean. 

    Josh S.
  • Even though I have only been going to Commando Paintball for 3 years now I feel like the place is home and people are family. My brother and I received Spyder MR5’s for Christmas 3 years ago and went to Commando to play with it shortly after and we were instantly hooked on the field and the players

  • Going to Commando I always have a smile on my face because I know its going to be a good day. Its my happy place because I know the people are excited to see me and I’m excited to see them but most of all, we know we’re going to have a good time. The members at the field are some of the friendliest people. They like to have a good time and when they see new players they make sure to help them out.