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Take Cover

Commando Paintball offers the most varied terrain for paintball events in the Ottawa area.

Forested areas provide a unique experience for paintball players. Man-made barricades combined with natural obstructions provide plenty of areas of cover for you to plan your strategy!

From Naval Base to Hamburger Hill, each of our fields offers a unique and realistic paintball experience for players participating in classic paintball games or milsim nights.

Explore the image galleries and field descriptions below and get ready for action!

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Bone Yard
Bush Ball

The Naval Base

The Naval Base is the pride of Commando Paintball. This field features incredibly realistic details, which incorporate congestion and elevation. Fight your way from a beach landing, through a village and an impressive array of props, trucks and structures!

Awe-inspiring props include bridges, towers, trucks, boats, rocket trucks, sandbags, 5 large hills and a communications depot.

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Hamburger Hill

Hamburger Hill is a 2-acre field, with an extremely sloping and steep hill that provides paintball enthusiasts with an extra challenge during play.

Test your combat skills and book your group a game at Hamburger Hill.


D Day

This D Day field is the next generation of the naval base. Teams will start the game in a barge on the water and after landing, they must fight their way up a hill or through a village. This field features an impressive array of props including 3 barges, 15 trucks, 5 pillboxes, barrels, 24 buildings, and 3 towers.

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Army Base

The Army Base field has been reconfigured to keep things exciting for our paintball players of every skill level. This playing field is the perfect mix of open and wooded areas that includes 4 towers, vehicles, pillboxes and several other detailed props.

Request a booking today to try out the reconfigured version of The Army Base.


Bone Yard

Bone Yard is one of our original fields at Commando Paintball, that has been revamped to bring players a better paintball experience. This field allows for close “in your face” action with several props and buildings.

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Field 4

Field 4 covers approximately 3 acres of land. It features several barricades and unique topography that provides an unmatched paintball experience in Eastern Ontario.

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Up Close and Personal

Up Close & Personal is a recently completed field, in which we retained the majority of the trees for an alternative to the long ball play. This field boasts an impressive number of 7ft cedar barricades.

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This is a field that caters to bush ball enthusiasts. The bushball field features 45 man-made barricades that provide great cover. You will also find some natural barricades provided by Mother Nature.

Experience these barricades first hand and book a game for your group today.



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