Tour Our Battlefields | Commando Paintball | 7 Different Game Fields

Field Tour

Take Cover

Commando Paintball offers the most varied terrain for paintball events in the Ottawa area.

At The Naval Base, fight your way from a beach landing, through a village and an impressive array of props, trucks and structures!

Forested areas provide another unique experience for players. Man made barricades combined with natural obstructions provide plenty of cover to plan your attack!

For an added challenge try to take Hamburger Hill! It showcases steep slopes covering a 2 acre area that will really test your combat skills.

Explore the image galleries below and get ready for action!


This is a field which caters to the bush ball enthusiast. With 45 man-made barricades to provide cover, in addition to the natural barricades provided by Mother Nature.


D Day

This field is the next generation of the naval base. Teams will start the game in a barge on the water and after landing, must fight their way up a hill or through a village. It includes an impressive array of props; 3 barges, 15 trucks, 5 pill boxes, barrels, 24 buildings, and 3 towers.


The Naval Base

This is the pride of Commando Paintball. This field includes amazing life-like details, which incorporates congestion and elevation.

Awe inspiring props include bridges, towers, trucks, boats, rocket trucks, sand bags, 5 large hills and a communications depot. Book your group today and experience the best paint ball experience available in Eastern Ontario.


The Village

It was time to revamp one of our original fields. The new village provides close “in your face” action with several new props and buildings.


Army Base

In an effort to keep things interesting for our customers and members, we have reconfigured the main area of this map. It includes 4 towers, vehicles, pill boxes and several other detailed props in open and wooded areas.


Field 4

Approximately 3 acres, this field includes several barricades and a unique topography.


Up Close and Personal

A recently completed field, in which we retained the majority of the trees for an alternative to the long ball play. This field boasts an impressive number of 7’ cedar barricades.


Hamburger Hill

A 2 acre field, which showcases an extremely sloping and steep hill to challenge the paintball enthusiast during play.



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