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Another Way to Play: MilSim Paintball Events in Ottawa

Paintball has been a popular outdoor activity for people all across North America for well over a decade. Over the years, the game of paintball, and new iterations of the game have been introduced. 

In recent years, Commando Paintball has been offering a new twist on the classic game, MilSim Paintball revolutionizes the sport of paintball for a new demographic of enthusiasts.

Commando Paintball has been a huge proponent of this new style of play. We understand there is a learning curve when it comes to the new rules of the game. Here are Commando Paintballs tips and tricks to become a MilSim round pro in no time.

MilSim Paintball – Where To Play and What to Know 

MilSim paintball played standing on a forest path holding paintball gun looking into the distanceMilSim stands for Military Simulation. The point of the experience is to dress in classic army attire and compete with and against each other, either recreating major battles from history, or creating new training drills and scenarios.

There is a lot to know about this new style of play, and we are here to break it down for you.

New Way to Play – Realistic MilSim Games

MilSim is a fairly new method of paintball competitions, from the style of paintball gun you use, to the connection to historical events, it is a truly unique experience.

The first thing to consider when preparing for a MilSim paintball game is making sure to have the proper equipment to fully immerse yourself in the game. Finding the perfect gun for the period you are playing in can be difficult without proper guidance, which is why we recommend checking out an easy guide to the best guns to buy to impress your friends! Two standout guns being the First Strike T15 PDW with its light weight it is extremely easy to navigate. The second option being the Dye Dam Assault Matrix which makes it easy to switch fire modes.MilSim played wearing protective goggles and a scarf holding paintball gun

Where & When to Play – MilSim Event Groups

It can be hard to find a local group of people who participate in MilSim gaming events. Thankfully there are groups to join where you can organise MilSim programming with the click of a button. Find your local MilSim gamers through groups like SAS Ottawa! SAS Ottawa organises the MilSim Games here at Commando Paintball, they are an excellent local resource! 

There are weekly MilSim nights hosted at Commando Paintball you can check out. If you live outside of Ottawa, it can be simple to find your local events by checking paintball arenas pages in your area to see when you can participate.

Commando Paintball – Ottawa’s Home For MilSim Paintball

man shooting paintball at commando paintball in OttawaLike standard paintball, MilSim paintball has quickly developed a huge following, and Commando Paintball has been at the forefront of this movement. 

With one of the biggest paintball games in Canada being hosted by us each year, and having 10 separate fields to immerse yourself in we have perfected the art of MilSim competition.

Get in touch with us, and sign up for a MilSim night to experience what everybody is talking about!