Stop The Apocalypse | Zombie Slayer Thrill Ride | Commando Paintball


Stop the Apocalypse with Commando Paintball’s Zombie Slayer Thrill Ride!

Operation Trojan Horse has caused a zombie apocalypse at Commando Paintball! The zombie horde is too much to stop on our own – we need your help!

Hop on the specialized commando paintball zombie hunting bus and cull the horde with our low-impact paintball markers. Don’t worry about zombies getting too close – the bus is designed to fight back against them! 

With mounted markers, barbed wire on the roof, and gates covering the entrances, there is no chance any zombie will get the opportunity to nibble at your leg!


What is the Zombie Slayer Thrill Ride?

The Zombie Slayer Thrill Ride is a special event in Ottawa hosted by Commando Paintball from October 21-22 & 28-31. The event gives you, your friends, and your family the opportunity to make the most of the halloween season by arming yourself with low-impact paintball markers and riding the custom zombie-hunting bus.

The zombie-hunting bus drives around the areas of the Commando Paintball facility that are the most affected by the undead outbreak. Shoot at the spooky zombies with the paintball markers to save the day! 

Every zombie must be hit to stop the outbreak and save Ottawa! We’ve mounted the markers to the zombie-hunting bus’s windows and loaded them with glow-in-the-dark paintballs to ensure your aim is as accurate as possible. 


What You Should Bring

Bring your family, a smile, and a positive attitude! No protection gear or paintball equipment is necessary to enjoy the Zombie Slayer Thrill Ride. Markers and paintballs are included in the cost of the ticket and no protective gear is required! 

The zombies will not shoot back and the markers are fixed to the windows of the bus to ensure that no accidents or injuries happen. Safety is our priority!

Parents are allowed to ride free with the kids on the Zombie Slayer Thrill Ride – if they dare!


What to Expect

You can expect the spookiest and most-exciting Halloween event in the entire Ottawa region! The Zombie Slayer Thrill Ride is one of the most anticipated events we host at Commando Paintball and for good reason. We put an unmatched amount of detail into our production and improve our Halloween experience year after year. 

People of all ages can experience the thrill of shooting zombies and top it off with post-zombie hunting refreshments by the fire and relaxing under the stars. 


Ottawa’s #1 Paintball Facility

Zombie invasion or not, Commando Paintball is Ottawa’s premier paintball facility. We operate Eastern Ontario’s largest paintball action centre with 10 unique fields suited for people of all ages and abilities. 

We have a large selection of rental equipment, outerwear, and facemasks to make the Commando Paintball experience as easy as possible! Simply show up with a smile and a positive attitude and you’re all set to get started!

Whether it be a date night, corporate event, or bachelor party, Commando Paintball has everything you need to enjoy the thrill of paintball in Ottawa.